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Post: Volunteer Thoughts from Lockdown

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Volunteer Thoughts from Lockdown

Normally, we just put out one new blog a fortnight – but because we have lots of lovely volunteers, and it’s still #VolunteersWeek, we thought we’d share two this week.

Today’s blog has been written by David, who volunteers at Cartwright Hall, sharing his thoughts about what he’s missing.

He writes:

Cartwright Hall is one of those galleries that’s unknown to a large group of people. It’s away from the city centre and as a consequence visitors are there by design rather than by default. It has the most amazing collection of art and objects embracing the western and eastern worlds. The collection was significantly increased in 1997 to reflect the city’s population and as a consequence is a splendid place to visit. Apart from the permanent gallery there are also galleries that exhibit art and objects on a temporary basis.

In 2017 a gallery was created to celebrate the life and work of David Hockney, the Bradford artist. The gallery provides an excellent insight into his personality, methods and relevance of his work.

The gallery is situated within Lister Park and has amazing grounds. There is also a café within the gallery to provide practical sustenance apart from the intellectual variety.


I’m really missing my Thursday lunchtime slot in the David Hockney Gallery at Cartwright Hall. I’m a volunteer and have been for three years or more. It’s a great way to spend some of my retirement time and provides me with interesting experiences, meeting visitors from across the world, as well as hearing the stories of those who knew Hockney or the family. I feel privileged to be involved in such a wonderful art gallery and to be a minor member of the staff. The Hockney gallery gives a real insight into the artist’s personality, working methods and his development from his time in Bradford, his birthplace, up to the present time where he lives in Normandy.


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