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Another Butterfield Christmas

One of our wonderful volunteers, Ian, has been busy reading and transcribing elements of the Butterfield archive – most recently he’s been piecing together some

The Art of the Samurai

I must apologise to our visitors at Cliffe Castle for the hammering and banging of late but rest assured, it isn’t anything paranormal and just

Blog by Rose – Volunteer Printer

Rose volunteers in the letterpress print gallery at Bradford industrial Museum. Read her blog about new skills learnt and volunteering in a heritage setting. Hi

Blog by Fatima – Volunteer Gardener

Fatima Shafiq, one of volunteer gardeners, shares her story of moving to Bradford as the Coronavirus pandemic hit the country, and how Bolling Hall and

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‘Spring’ by Samar Shahdad

Today’s blog has been written by Samar Shahdad, an exiled Iranian poet and a researcher whose work explores the themes associated with exile such as language,