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Category: Natural Sciences

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The ‘Meg’, the huge toothy shark

Today’s blog is has been written by Dr Gearóid Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Collections Curator at Bradford Museums & Art Galleries, on the subject of the

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England’s Earliest Footprints

Today’s blog has been written by our Curator of Collections, Dr Gearoid Mac a’ Ghobhainn  and is all about fossils.  He writes: A recent acquisition

Fig1 PassengerPigeonAudobon 768x614 1


I always look forward to posting the entries that our Natural Science Curator, Dr Gerard McGowan writes for our blog, as he highlight interesting aspects

Ladys Slipper Orchid

The Elusive Lady’s–Slipper Orchid

This week’s new blog has been written by our Natural Sciences Curator, Dr Gerard McGowan He writes: A recent enquiry about our collections brought to

Joseph Dawson Mineral Collection

Vistors to Cliffe Castle often comment on the collection of Minerals that are on display there.  Dr Gerard McGowan, our Natural Sciences Curator has written


Big Game

Dr Gerard McGowan, Curator of Natural Sciences has written this latest blog on the subject of a rather interesting collection.  He writes: As the Curator of

Fig5 Pholiderpeton NT


Our Curator of Natural Sciences, Dr Gerard McGowan has written this latest blog for us –  about our rather popular Pholiderpeton.  He writes One of the