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Being Young in Bradford

Continuing with our series of blogs and extracts focusing on the experiences of ‘Being Young in Bradford’.

This week’s memories are being shared by Abby.

He writes:

I was one of the first Asian scooter boys.

Abby is the central figure in the front of the group

I was so bored and looking for something different. I knew a guy who introduced me to scooters and I got the buzz.

It went from a weekend thing to a way of life. I was accepted everywhere I went as someone who belonged. They were my brothers and sisters. What we did back then I wish we could do all over again.

It was so diverse; where people from different cultures and backgrounds came together and enjoyed many years of fun, fate, and fame.

I’m tempted to get another one even now.

Abby has also selected a great soundtrack of some of the the music he and his friends were listening too – see the spotify link below!

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