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Post: Kids in Museums – Ashlands Primary at the Manor House

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Kids in Museums – Ashlands Primary at the Manor House

On 23 November Year 3 pupils from Ashlands Primary School, Ilkley took part in National ‘Kids in Museums Take Over Day’ at the Manor House, Ilkley.

Pupils greeted visitors, answered the phone, dealt with enquiries, stocked the shop, formulated tours and learnt how to pack objects.

“I learnt how to answer the phone, the first thing you say is ‘good morning Manor House’” Samuel, year 3 pupil

“I loved answering the phone and because I enjoyed it so much I would love to do it at home” Erica, year 3 pupil

Year 3 also curated a display reflecting the development of the camera over the past 60 years which will be on show until 24 February 2013.

“The best bit was when we had to write descriptions of cameras for the display” Reuben, year 3 pupil.

From choosing objects and laying out the display to researching and writing the labels; pupils were excited to be involved in creating a display for visitors.

‘Our daughter came to take over the museum, she enjoyed it so much she wanted us to come too’ Parent

This day at Manor House Museum followed on from a successful day in 2011 at Bolling Hall Museum with Russell Hall Primary School, where pupils worked at the museum for a day and created their own museum back at school.

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