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Post: Jadughor: The Magic Room

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Jadughor: The Magic Room

‘Jadughor’ is the Bangla word for museum, and translates into English as ‘Magic Room’. At Cartwright Hall we have created our own magic room – a room of wonder and curiosity using objects from Bradford’s museum collections. The gallery is part of ongoing work to present objects in new ways to inspire and  engage. The main themes are nature and the home.

We think everyday objects can have the same level of interest and beauty as some of the most expensive items in museum collections. You can see household objects that have come to us from a variety of Bradford homes and vary from 20 to 70 years old. Some might look familiar, but aren’t quite the same as ones we have in our homes now. Depending on your age, you might not recognise some of them at all!

You can also see beautiful ‘Jali’ screens. These are decorative wooden screens commonly seen in India and used to help keep buildings cool.


Also included on display is artwork by local students produced as part  of a project relating to the regeneration of the Top of Town area of Bradford. The project, commissioned by the Bradford Townscape Heritage Scheme and funded by National Heritage Lottery saw Green Lane Primary School Year 4 pupils, working with artist Naseem Darbey, to create their own 3D map. It included recommendations for change, improvements and restoration of architecture of the area. New College Bradford Year 12 students, worked with artist Mahmud Manning, completed an A-level geography unit of work and made a concertina book.

Further information:

The Bradford City Centre Townscape Heritage Scheme is a four year, £2 million grant programme supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Bradford Council. It provides for financial assistance to property owners and tenants, to restore their historic buildings, within the parts of the Bradford city centre conservation area commonly known as the ‘Top of Town’.

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