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The Art of the Samurai

I must apologise to our visitors at Cliffe Castle for the hammering and banging of late but rest assured, it isn’t anything paranormal and just

st george

Casting Around the Stores

In this blog Dr Rebecca Wade, Collections Assistant (Cultural Recovery Fund), rediscovers the identities of an intriguing set of plaster casts in our collection taken

Stained glass window from the bottom of a grand staircase

A Window to be proud of (Part two)

 You may have noticed recently a rather large change to the window on the Grand Staircase at Cliffe Castle.  Heather Millard, our Curator of Social

vaccing underneath chair

Cleaning Cliffe Castle !

Our Collections officer, Pam Keeton kindly agreed to write this fascinating insight into the unseen work that happens in order to care properly for our

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Splendours of the Sub-Continent: Katar

Linked to the forthcoming Splendours of the Subcontinent exhibition opening later this year at Cartwright Hall, this blog post has been written by Simon D Metcalf,

Image 1 watered crucible steel sword presented to the Prince of Wales RCIN 11238 compressed resized e1481540270976

Splendours of the Subcontinent: Sword

The latest blog in this series linked to the forthcoming Splendours of the Subcontinent exhibition has been written by Simon Metcalf, who is the Queen’s

angel on hoist

All that glitters…

We’re very privileged as a service to have a range of talented staff that work for us.  Pam Keeton, who is part of our Collections team has