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Another Butterfield Christmas

One of our wonderful volunteers, Ian, has been busy reading and transcribing elements of the Butterfield archive – most recently he’s been piecing together some

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An 1850s Christmas in Keighley…

Ian, our wonderful Butterfield archive volunteer has been trawling the family letters to find some seasonally approriate extracts to share with you all. The following

Stained glass window from the bottom of a grand staircase

A Window to be proud of (Part two)

 You may have noticed recently a rather large change to the window on the Grand Staircase at Cliffe Castle.  Heather Millard, our Curator of Social

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Upstairs, Downstairs at Cliffe Castle

Ian, one of our volunteers at Cliffe Castle, has written us another short blog with the latest ‘gossip’ he’s discovered as he continues to transcribe

Death and Mourning in Museum Collections

Lizzie Llabres, our Curator for Social History and Technology has written today’s blog, looking at how death is represented in our museum collections. She writes:

Tinted photograph of Kitty as a young child. (on the reverse is a dedication from Kitty to her Uncle Henry)

Butterfield Archive

We’re lucky enough to hold within our collections some of the correspondence between members of the Butterfield family, who were the owners of Cliffe Castle.