You Inspire design a creature.


This picture shows a creature called  pholiderpeton. Its fossilised bones were found in a coal mine in Bradford in Victorian times. The creature lived in Bradford  millions of years ago when this area was like a swamp! A swamp is a wet area with many plants and trees. Pholiderpeton was an amphibian with webbed feet and sharp teeth, perfect for living in a swamp environment and catching fish.

What do I need?

  • Your imagination
  • A piece of paper
  • A pencil or crayon or felt tip – something you can draw with.
What am I doing?
  • Fold your paper into 3 sections or boxes.
  • Look carefully at the picture of the Pholiderpeton & information at the top of this page. Where did it live (its environment)? What features did it need to survive there?
  • You are going to design your own creature. Think about where it might live. What would its environment be like? What features would it need to survive there?
  • Will it have sharp teeth, claws, feathers, scales or fur?
  • In one of the three boxes/sections draw a head. In the next draw a body with arms, legs, wings, whatever you decide. In the third box draw a tail.
  • Make sure you draw in as much detail as possible.
  • What is your creature called? Give it a name and draw its environment around it.
Hints and Tips
  • You could label some of the features you have given your creature and reasons why it is suited to the environment you have chosen.
  • You can create a creature with other people– each person will need a piece of paper and a pencil -fold it into 3 sections but leave it folded. Each person draws a head and neck in their first box without showing anyone, and then folds this back so it can’t be seen. The pieces of paper are then passed to another person who draws the body and front legs in the second section, again this is folded away before the paper is passed to another person who then draws the tail and back legs. Now unfold the papers to see what creatures you have created together !


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