You inspire me to...make a noise…


Bradford Industrial Museum has lots of machines. Some of the machines were used in Bradford’s mills in the past to make sheep wool into woollen fabric. The machines all had different jobs to do, so they made different noises:
 The clank and clunk of the cogs in the combing machine as the wool is combed into long and short pieces.
 The fast whirring and humming of the bobbins on the spinning machines as the wool threads are twisted to become thinner and stronger.
 The whoosh of the shuttle and clack of the shafts on the weaving loom as the wool threads are woven together to make pieces of fabric.
 The rustle and whisper of the finished fabric as it is folded.
It was very noisy in the mills with all the machines working; so noisy infact some workers lost their hearing!

What do I need?
 Yourself!
 Household items you may find to make some mill music (see below)

What am I doing?
 You are going to make your own mill music!
 Can you find anything in your house that makes some of the same noises as the machines: rustle; whisper; whoosh; clack; whirring; humming; clank; clunk?
 Can you use them to make the noise quietly? Can you use them to make the noise loudly?
 How many of the noises can you make at the same time?
 Can you use your body or mouth to make any of the noises?

Hints and Tips
 Can you work with an adult to find machines in your house that make a noise? What type of noise do they make? Could you use some of these words to describe the noise :
  • bang
  • glug
  • clatter
  • scrunch
  • jangle
  • ring
  • snap
  • pop

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