You inspire me to...Frame a face


Long before selfies, people had their portraits painted and hung on their walls. A portrait is often a picture of a person. People would have to sit still for hours while their portrait was painted. A selfie is much quicker!

The paintings in the instructions are above the fireplace in the Ghost room at Bolling Hall Museum. Notice the fancy frame around the painting. These faces look serious!

What do I need?

  • A piece of paper or card. - Paper toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes
  • Glue - Pens/crayons or pencils

What am I doing?

  • Choose who you are going to draw, it could be your self, an adult or even your pet.
  • Draw and colour their picture, using as much or little detail as you can. It doesn't have to look exactly like them; it could be a silly or a serious picture.
  • Look at the detail on the tubes in picture above, notice the patterns and swirls.
  • Colour and draw some patterns onto your tubes; you could get ideas from nature, seeds, leaf patterns, animals, birds, your garden or things in your house.
  • Lay the decorated tubes around your portrait and stick them down with glue.

Hints and Tips

  • Don't worry about your portrait looking exactly like the person or pet, just be creative. You could draw the person with some things they like doing. One of the Bolling Hall portraits is reading a book.
  • Remember you only need to decorate the tubes half way around as they will be stuck down around your portrait.

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