You inspire me to...Explore


There are lots of objects in museums that explorers in the past found, collected and brought home with them when they were travelling to different places around the world.

These might be things like, rocks, fossils, jewels, costumes, and even insects and animals! Sometimes these objects were given to museums. If you visit museums today you can still see some of the objects and things that explorers collected 100s of years ago.

See what you can find on an imaginary explorer’s adventure in your own house

What do I need?
  • An explorers attitude.
  • Good exploring eyes.
  • A piece of paper and pencil (for collecting details and making a map).
  • A phone or camera if you want to take some pictures of your adventure and what you find.
  • Anything else you might need to take on an exploring adventure.
What am I doing ?
  • You are going on an explorers adventure in your own house.
  • You need to look round your house carefully with your explorers eyes and see if you can find something :
  • That is red ? - With 2 legs ?
  • With a handle ? - That makes a noise ?
  • Special to you ? - Round ?
  • What did you find and where? Use your pencil and paper to draw a map showing where you found your objects and what you found.
Hints and Tips
  • You can draw or take photos of the objects you find on your explorers journey.
  • Why not use your map and pictures to share your explorers journey with someone else?
  • You could even use a bit of imagination and write an account of your explorers adventure or create and write a postcard home like some of the explorers in the past did.

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