You inspire me to...Describe...Like a Naturalist


A naturalist is someone who studies or looks at nature and wildlife very closely. Lots of the stuffed animals (taxidermy) that are in museums like Cliffe Castle Museum were made by naturalists in the past. This meant that lots of people could look at animals really closely even if they couldn’t go out into the countryside. You can play a game that will help you to describe animals just like a naturalist.


What do I need?

  • A partner – another person to talk to. It could be someone in your house or you could play the game with a friend of family member over the phone.
  • Pictures of some different animals if you can’t think of any in your head - these could be in a book or you could find some online. It can be any animal.

What am I doing?

  • You are going to think of an animal (or find a picture of one to look at).
  • You are going to describe this animal for your partner without saying its name and then they are going to guess what animal it could be from the description you have given.
  • For example if we were doing a fox we could say:
    •  I am thinking of an animal ….
    • It has sharp teeth and large pointy ears.
    • It lives underground and likes to hunt for its prey at night.
    • It has four legs and is covered in orange fur with a long bushy tail.
    • What is my animal?

Hints and Tips

  • You could write down your description if you can’t find anyone to talk to and then share it with someone else another time
  • When you are describing you might want to think about:
    • How many feet does it have?
    • Does it have fur or feathers, sharp teeth, wings, claws, or a beak?
    • Where does it live? What does it eat? How does it move? 
    • Try to use really good adjectives (describing words) in each sentence.
    • Can you use some good science language in your description for example; predator, prey, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, habitat, reptile, fish, amphibian, bird, mammal, insect.

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