You inspire me to....Build!


Bolling Hall is one of the oldest buildings in Bradford. The first part of the building to be built, for defence reasons, was the tower in 1370 (so over 650 years ago).The rest of the building was built up until 1800 for rich families to live in. By 1900 the hall had been split into flats and then by 1915 had opened as a museum!

Like a lot of old buildings, Bolling Hall wasn’t all built at once and has changed over time. Builders have to be able to change and adapt buildings to suit what they are being used for.

You can build your own adaptable building.

What do I need?
  • Something to build with – it could be Lego, Duplo, K-nex, Playdough, boxes, books or even tins.
  • A watch, clock or stopwatch if you want to time yourself!
What am I doing?
  • Using your chosen building materials start by building a really tall tower.
  • Now build a really big room to one of the sides of your tower.
  • Can you make your building look smart, maybe by adding some turrets or windows?
  • Can you change your building to have 4 rooms or 6 rooms instead of one big one?
  • How fast can you make your tower shorter and give it a roof?
Hints and Tips
  • If you want to build a really tall building think about how to make the base of it strong.
  • You might need to experiment with different building techniques to find a way that works best or helps you to be able to adapt your building. Good builders keep trying.
  • You could challenge yourself or have a building competition with other people in your house or your friends (by photo or videos).
  • See who can build the:
    • strongest building
    • tallest building
    • fanciest building
    • biggest building

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