You Inspire me to... Find colour


The picture on the iinstructions shows beautiful coloured minerals at Cliffe Castle Museum.
Minerals are rocks which can sometimes be very bright colours.
There are lots of bright and wonderful colours in other parts of nature like animals and plants . 
Can you think of any things in nature that are bright colours?

What am I doing?
  • Can you think of things in nature that are each of the colours in the rainbow? Red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue? How many things can you think of for each colour?
  • Now can you find things in your house that are these colours? They could be clothes, fruit or vegetables, toys, packets or boxes; anything that is all one colour.
  • What pictures could you make with these colours and shapes ?
  • You can group together the different colours and lay out the things you have found on the floor to make pictures and shapes.
Hints and Tips
  • You can make really big colour pictures using clothes and then use smaller objects to add details on.
  • How many different pictures can you create with the colours you have found?
  • Can you work with someone else in your house to create a picture together?
  • Make sure you are careful with the objects and things you use and put them away after you have created your picture!

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