The Glasshouses at Cliffe Castle: by Ann Davies

Cliffe Castle Museum

Sat 1 Dec 2018 - Sun 24 Feb 2019

A fascination with glasshouses and Greenhouses has been the focus of Ann Davies' work for several years. During this period Ann has been making paintings and drawings of glasshouses primarily across Yorkshire. From the magnificent shopping arcades of Leeds to derelict polytunnels in Shipley her delight knows no bounds!

Based in Shipley Ann has visited Cliffe Castle for many years, enjoying the delights of its gardens and museum. Her love of Cliffe Castle and her knowledge and passion for Yorkshire's glasshouses allowed her to create a concept for this exhibition. Although Ann is not old enough to have seen the original glasshouses at Cliffe Castle, she has been able to look through archived images of the original structures to help her build her story. Alongside this Ann did see the replacement glasshouses and has studied these. She has also had access to the remaining old greenhouses in the staff quarters, and been lucky enough to see the construction of the new glasshouses which replicate the original ones built during Henry Isaac Butterfield's time at Cliffe Castle. Armed with all of this Ann is able to present a vibrant and fitting celebration of the wonderful restoration work at Cliffe Castle and the journey of the glasshouses. 

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