Take Three Streets: Recipes for a Modern City

Bradford Industrial Museum

Wed 26 May 2021 - Sun 30 Jan 2022


Westgate, Ivegate and Kirkgate. From those three ingredients, Bradford has grown to be the city it is today.

This exhibition is a glimpse of some of the changes and developments in Bradford city centre as documented by photographs held in Bradford Museums’ Photo Archive, others kindly shared by local contemporary photographers and some paintings in our art collection.

The photographs highlight bygone buildings, familiar facades and recognisable roads from Bradford’s humble beginnings as a small market town through its rapid growth in the nineteenth century and its mid-twentieth century radical redesign to today’s changes, as the city adjusts to the needs and priorities of a twenty-first century city.

This exhibition will be updated with photographs taken by photographers today. If you would like to submit your photographs of Bradford city centre to be considered for display in this exhibition, please email [email protected] or get in touch with us on social media. #Take3Streets.



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