Staff talks and lectures

Bradford Museums and Galleries staff can offer talks and presentations to the public and to groups and societies depending on their availability. Below is a list of our staff team and some of the talks they can present.

Please contact the staff member directly to arrange a booking.

Charges for talk and lectures £32.00 p/hour on site, £80.00 p/hour (including expenses) off site within the Council District and £105.00 p/hour (including expenses) outside the Council District.

Gearóid Mac a'Ghobhainn, Collections Curator

Contact G[email protected] tel 0758210412

  • The Curators of Keighley Museum
  • The Role of the Curator in a Museum
  • Tailored talks around the natural science collections

Heather Millard, Community Curator 

Contact [email protected] tel 01535 618231

  • Never a boring day (Collections I have worked with)
  • Cottingley Fairies in context
  • Wedding dress - fashions and traditions.
  • Butterfield Stained Glass Window - history and restoration
  • Tailored tours of Cliffe Castle

Jill Iredale, Community Curator

Contact [email protected] tel 01274 431212 / 01274 437800

  • Tailored talks around the fine art collection

Elizabeth Llabres, Collections Manager

Contact:   [email protected]

 tel 01274 435900 / 01274 431826

  • Medieval Bradford
  • The History of Bolling Hall: its architecture and residents 11th – 20th century
  • How to date old photographs and portraits – workshop
  • Industrial History of Bradford
  • The History of Bradford Industrial Museum 1871 - 1974
  • Tailored talks around current exhibitions at Bradford Industrial Museum
  • Tailored tours of Bradford Industrial Museum
  • The history of the back to back houses at Bradford Industrial Museum

Dale Keeton, Conservation Officer

Contact [email protected] tel 01535 618231

  • A Rummage through Granny's Drawers- Underwear 1820-1970
  • The boots on the other foot- Fashionable Footwear from Bradford's historic collections