Online Exhibition Assignments 2019: British Press Photographer's Association


Due to lockdown and Covid 19 Pandemic - please enjoy the exhibition online via the link below.

The BPPA's 'Assignments' exhibitions have proved to be hugely popular since their launch, with the exhibitions continuing to motivate their peers and captivate the public's eye. Each year the exhibitions have been held in stunning galleries across the country.

All images in the shows are shot by BPPA members within just one year, with members covering a multitude of assignments both at home in the UK and worldwide from wars, riots to world cups, red carpets and country fairs. The images are recorded through the eyes of these professional visual storytellers - and yet most of us seldom get such an opportunity to view these extraordinary images, other than on newsprint or on the screen of a mobile device. 

'Assignments' is a rare chance to see the very best in British press photography, all displayed in one unique gallery, curated by some of the most highly-respected leaders within the media industry.

View the full exhibition of photographs here:

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