Inkers : Press Release

Cliffe Castle Museum

Sat 12 Nov 2016 - Sun 29 Jan 2017

Formed in 2000, Inkers is a group of printmakers that have aimed to explore printmaking in all its diversity and to create regular print exhibitions.

For this exhibition however, the members have expanded beyond the bounds of printmaking to respond in any medium they felt appropriate. The concept of the exhibition lies in the way that they as visitors have responded to the many objects displayed at Cliffe Castle, the building and its setting.

The Inkers’ experience has highlighted that no one will see everything. Everyone will see things differently. The displays at the museum set the members on voyages of discovery, or made them yearn to try their hands at a new form of expression. The Inkers hope that this body of work will help visitors see the collections at Cliffe Castle in new ways and discover parts of the building, its collections and surroundings for the first time.

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