David Hockney - 80 Short Films for his 80th Year

Cartwright Hall Art Gallery

Tue 27 Feb 2018 - Mon 1 Apr 2019

A specially edited film of Hockney by Bruno Wollheim is available to view in the David Hockney Gallery at Cartwright Hall. To whet your appetite here are three short films from DH-80: David Hockney - 80 Short Films for his 80th Year.

The videos are taken from a new series of 80 short films by Wollheim. Unseen, amusing, interesting, quirky, provacative, personal, eccentric vignettes from the five years (2004-9) that Wollheim fimed his award-winning documentary A Bigger Picture, the films celebrate Britain's greatest and best-loved living artist. The 80 films and the full-length documentary are available online at http://www.a-bigger-picture.com 

Assurance http://www.a-bigger-picture.com/films/assurance 

The Power of Nature http://www.a-bigger-picture.com/films/the-power-of-nature

The World is an Exciting Place http://www.a-bigger-picture.com/films/the-world-is-an-exciting-place 

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