Being Young in Bradford - Online content

Cartwright Hall Art Gallery

Wed 2 Dec 2020

Drawing upon the experiences of six residents who grew up during the vibrant music scene of 1970s Bradford, the exhibition will celebrate the heritage of youth in the city and display a range of personal collection items relating to Punk, Bradford bands, Sound System DJs, Scooters and Northern Soul.

The exhibition is a partnership between Bradford Museums & Galleries and Being Bradford - a group of working class mavericks that have organised themselves into a sort of artistic trade union and whose primary aim to see their authentic story told by themselves and featuring in the city of Bradford’s cultural narrative.

During lockdown social media will be used to provide a sneak preview of the show and to invite Bradford Residents to post about their own experiences of being a teenager in the city, starting with those growing up in the 1970s and 80s.

Contribute to the conversation using the hashtag #BYiB -  we're @BradfordMuseums on FacebookTwitter and Instagram - find us there!

Or share your memories by emailing: [email protected]

Keep checking back here for more online content as we have it.

Online Content:

A series of blogs linked to the exhibition - find them all (and soundtracks!) here

Derek talking about Northern Soul  - find the video here


Derek talking about his cardigan, on display in the exhibition - find the video here


Johna talking about what Punk means to him - find the video here

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