The David Hockney Gallery

We are pleased to announce that The David Hockney Gallery, Cartwright Hall, has been awarded Highly Commended by the Museums and Heritage Awards. 


“I used to love going to Cartwright Hall as a kid, it was the only place in Bradford I could see real paintings.” - David Hockney

Born in Bradford on 9 July 1937, David Hockney is celebrating his 80th birthday and 60 years of working as an artist in 2017.  At Cartwright Hall, the public collection that inspired Hockney as a child and student, we have opened a dedicated gallery about his life and work. Visitors can see an introduction to the artist and his techniques, early works showing how it all began in Bradford and watch previously unseen footage of the artist in his Bridlington studio. 


The wall paint for the David Hockney Gallery has been kindly donated by Farrow and Ball