World War 2 Siren - Object of the month

Bolling Hall

June 2016

Images taken by Ian of Why Don't We also see a video he has created on the siren here

World War 2 siren

Accession number: T93-4612

This months object has been chosen by Ian of Why Don’t We.

The Why Don’t We group were invited into the museum stores to choose objects for the upcoming Sneaky Peeks event at City Hall. Whilst the group were looking for and choosing objects Ian came across this World War 2 air raid siren; also known as a civil-defence siren.

This type of siren was used as an emergency warning of approaching danger such as air raid attacks and sometimes to indicate when the danger had passed. Some of these sirens were located in small towns and were used to call a volunteer fire department to attend a fire.

Ian chose this object because he liked the immense sound that comes from the siren when the handle is turned and also because of the links it has with his family:

“My dad was in the Royal Air Force and he may have been a pilot”.

Please take a look on Why Don’t We website to see more of their projects and images of their trips to the museum stores

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