Wooden Chair - Object of the month

Bolling Hall

October 2016

Our October Object of the Month has been selected by our new technical assistant trainee, Salma Patel who will be working with the community engagement team.

“I will be using a 3D printer to recreate historical artefacts from the Bradford Museums and Galleries Collections to make them accessible to the public at events and a pop up exhibition next year.

I have chosen this beautifully hand crafted wood turned chair which lives in the large room known as the housebody in Bolling Hall Museum; this room would have been the centre of all household activity in its heyday. I selected this chair because I see something strange and yet so unique and elegantly beautiful that demonstrates a brilliant craft that is quickly being lost to modern manufacturing processes. I love the quirkiness of the style as it may not be very comfortable to sit on; it is more sculptural than it is functional! This armchair is thought to be the work of a craftsman demonstrating his woodturning skills for a new job.”

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