The Hen Husband's Wife Taming Cradle - Object of the month

Cliffe Castle Museum

October 2017

Hello, my name is Annalise Smith and I am on work experience at Cliffe Castle Museum. I am 15 years old, I study at Holy Family Catholic School and I am in Year 10. I came to Cliffe Castle to see how people work in museums and one thing I really wanted to see was the different roles people have within the museum. 

I have chosen 'The Hen Husband's Wife Taming Cradle' which is an adult-size cradle  made in 1862 by Henry Hargeaves Thompson (also known as Harry Tap) who was landlord of the Royal Oak Inn Damside. 

Harry Tap had the cradle made for the 'Hen peck'd Husband's Club' rule book. The rule book states:

"Husbands must get up early every day to do the chores and make their wives lives as pleasant as possible. This would make the wives happier and would give them nothing to complain about.

If a wife continued to nag, a club member could hire the cradle. The angry wife was then placed comfortably inside and rocked by the club members until she felt calmer and happier."

Happy days...

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