The Bolling Household Book - Object of the month

Bolling Hall

June 2017

This month's object of the month has been chosen by our visitor assistant at Bolling Hall, Joanne Downing.

"The Bolling Household Book can be found on the ground floor in the Study at Bolling Hall Museum, it is in a display case with a brown velvet cloth over the glass to protect the very old & fragile pages from the light. I have chosen this as it is the only known document of its kind relating to Bolling. The book is a fascinating record of the income from rents received from the various pieces of land belonging to the estate and it also includes a delightful insight into the expenses paid out by Elizabeth, who was the widow of Francis Lindley. Elizabeth Lightbowne married Francis Lindley in 1663, however following Francis’ death in 1668 Elizabeth was allowed £140 a year (approximately £12,000 in today’s money) to feed, clothe and educate their children, Francis was born in 1667 & Elizabeth in 1665;  known as Frank and Betty. Here are some of the entries made in 1678;

“for a dicsonary and other schoole books for Frank --- £01:03:04”

“for mending Frankes shooes & his cloaths --- £00:00:06”

“for coulering 3 paire of gloves for Betty --- £00:00:06”

“her dancing Mr for 6 weeks --- £00:07:06”

“their writeing Mr for them both --- £00:08:00”

The entries on this page and some of the others are signed Elizabeth Downes as she married Edward Downes in 1677. They did not live at Bolling, however Elizabeth’s son Frank with his wife Caroline and their children did."


Joanne Downing 

Visitor Assistant

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