Reed Organ C.1900 - Object of the month

Bradford Industrial Museum

May 2016

Images taken by Stuart Peel of Why Don't We

Reed Organ C.1900
Accession number: H685/81

Stuart Peel is a member of the Why Don’t We group based at Cottingley Cornerstone. The Why Don’t We group have been invited to the museum stores to choose objects for the upcoming Sneaky Peeks tours at Bradford City Hall. They have also taken pictures of their chosen objects and you will be able to see them on the website in the near future.

Stuart’s chosen objects is this Reed Organ C.1900.

“I would like to play the tops and hear the music.”

The keys are made from ivory and ebony and the wood is mahogany. To work the organ you pedal the bellows, this forces air across the reeds to make the sound. People would often sing hymns in the Sacred Heart Church with the organ playing in the background.
The organ was made by Doherty & Sons and distributed by ‘Crane and Stockport, Liverpool & London’. It belonged to the Sacred Heart Church, Bingley and came into the Bradford Museums and Galleries collections in 1987.

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