Linked Silver Bowls - Object of the month

Cartwright Hall Art Gallery

March 2016

Linked Bowls 2003

Ane Krag Christensen   Born 1972

My name is Kathryn Barker and I am an administrator at Cartwright Hall and have worked here for 3 and a half years.  I don’t have any art training and so my choice of object of the month is selected by very informal observation and simply what feels good to me or catches my imagination.

I have a few favourite items and they do change regularly as I walk around the galleries, but at the moment I keep heading towards a cabinet displaying silverware.  It’s in Gallery 1 on the first floor at Cartwright Hall and the lowest shelf contains some decorative perfume cups and bowls.  The one that catches my eye most is Linked Bowls by Ane Krag Christensen.

It suggests the romantic idea that the two bowls imply an inseparable couple who are permanently linked together, (though some may not see that as their dream vision!).

I like the straightforward, unembellished finish of the silverwork, which is unpolished on the outside and bright and reflective on the inside. It feels a harmonious piece, the two bowls sit entwined by a ribbon of silver which peels off the top edge of the bowls like a slither of apple peel.  The embossed hallmark at the end of the ribbon becomes a decoration in itself.  It makes me want to swirl round the edges and follow the ribbons with my fingers

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