Jowett Car 7/17 'Long Two' - Object of the month

Bradford Industrial Museum

September 2016

Our September 'Object of the Month' has been selected by work experience student Iqra Arshad. Iqra carried out a week long placement at Bradford Industrial Museum in July. She has chosen the Jowett 7/17 ‘Long Two’ motor car which is on permanent display at the museum.

"I have chosen the Jowett ‘Long Two’ as my object of the month because I really find to be a prestigious and remarkable invention/creation, and though it may not hold as much appeal to today’s modern generation, as it may have to the consumers it was first introduced to, it still hasn’t lost its charm and attractive appearance as a stylish and classy car: perfect for spring/summer and its warm weather."

The Jowett ‘Long Two’ was the company’s first prestige vehicle, and was produced between 1923 and 1929. There are very few 'Long Two’s' which survive today; this particular model was restored in 1967. The 'Long Two' received an award for furthest distance travelled in the ‘Lost Causes Rally’ at the National Motor Museum, Beulieu (1968-72). Two of the Jowett cars went to achieve the title of ‘the first motor vehicles to cross the continent of Africa’, in 1926, covering 3000 miles in a period of 60 days. The 'Long Two' has a 907cc twin cylinder side valve, a maximum speed of 50mph and maximum horse power of 17. The vehicle also has a fuel consumption of 35-40 mpg.


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