Model Naval Gun - Object of the month

Bradford Industrial Museum

July 2017

"Hello, I'm Cerys and I am currently in Sixth Form at Immanuel College studying my A-Levels, after my A-Levels I wish to study at university and complete a joint BA in Archaeology and History. I have just completed a week long work experience placement at the Bradford Industrial Museum and my chosen object of the month is this 6" Amos Barber model naval gun, that can be found in the Linton gallery.

I chose this 6" model naval gun due to the level of intricacy and design on such a small scale. Each and every peice is designed to fit perfectly together and no matter how small the piece of metal is, it is intricately designed. The model was made by Amos Barber who was one of the foremost model engineers within the UK due to the accuracy of his work. Barber was a founding member of the City of Bradford Engineers Society and has many other intricately designed pieces of work here at the Bradford Industrial Museum.

What I especially enjoy about this model is the contrast between the chunky silver pieces of metal that make the barrel and stand for the naval gun against the intricate, small golden pieces that embellish the model. This gives it a beautiful overall finish that allows you to appreciate the time and effort that would have gone into making such a beautiful and accurate model."

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