Gas Engine Madge - Object of the month

Bradford Industrial Museum

August 2017

"My name is Sophie Firth, I am a work experience student and I study at Beckfoot Thornton Academy. I study Art, Product Design and Chemistry while I hope to go on to study Archaeology at University, when I finish my A-levels. 

My chosen 'object of the month' is a gas engine called Madge. This machine was made in the 1860s and is on display at the Bradford Industrial Museum. It is a Crossley gas engine, which was made by the Crossley Brothers, who set up their company in the 1860s. The engine works by using a spark of electricity from a magnet to burn the fuel in the engine, this produces 64 horse power. This process is done in an internal combustion engine. 

I have chosen this machine because I think that it is interesting that they managed to get a thick and chunky wheel like the one on Madge to move using a gas combustion engine. The wheel looks really heavy and hard to move, so for a machine to be able to move that and create energy to power things like a mill really impresses me. I also really like the detail in all the mechanics that are on the outside of the machine and I am really interested in how this machine works. I also like how science and engineering are linked to create this machine."

Motive Power, Bradford Industrial Museum 

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