Young Ambassadors

Young Ambassadors at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery!

Bradford Museums and Galleries are recruiting Young Ambassadors to help showcase Bradford’s historic heritage, renowned fine art collection and connections to residents living in the Bradford District.

The Young Ambassadors - between the ages of 16 – 24 – will come together through webinars, workshops and online events to explore how Bradford Museums and Art Galleries can be made more accessible for all age groups in the Bradford District.

 The aim is to facilitate change for Museums in order to create a lasting, positive impact on our communities for future generations.

 This means that our Young Ambassadors will experience the following opportunities:

  • Participating in meetings
  • Creating virtual tours
  • Having their voice heard regarding the future of Museums
  • Demoing exhibitions
  • Facilitating visits
  • Curating New Clubs and Activities
  • Shadowing and supporting staff and projects

This pilot programme will also contribute to the Council’s overall aim to embed a new diversification of volunteers, career development and health and wellbeing.

Contact Usman for further information on [email protected] or T: 07971 030168 or Sonja Kielty on 01274 436027.

Update from Usman


If you haven’t downloaded Citizen Coin, please do: . We will create activities for you to sign up, earn coins and then spend at local retailers.

Every 2 weeks, we have a coffee Friday catch up with our volunteers. Not everyone is expected to talk, a lot of the times, Sonja or other volunteers are sharing updates about our Museums and you can listen. But since you are part of the Museum family, you are welcome to attend. Usually on Zoom for now, but soon in our buildings with refreshments.

And finally, honesty and transparency is important. If you are unable to commit to shifts, please let me or Sonja know. If something makes you feel at unease, please let me or Sonja know. If there is something you want to change in our Museums, please don’t be afraid to let me or Sonja know. 

NOTE: This Young Ambassador programme is all about you! We want to inspire you to reach the highest level of independence and we will be there every step of the way to help you.