Learning at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery

Welcome to Cartwright Hall Art Gallery Learning & Outreach programme.

We provide a range of educational opportunities and cultural experiences to support your curriculum needs. Our workshops, offered at a range of costs, cater for fully supported workshops, introductory sessions or self-service visits. See below for details and please note that our prices are valid until the end of March 2018

For more details or to book a visit or any of the workshops below please contact:

Email: learning@bradford.gov.uk 

Telephone:  01274 431216 

  • Fairytale Explorer

    Keystage: EYFS: Reception

    Through a series of practical activities the pupils will use artwork to explore and reinforce different elements of classic fairy tales.

    With opportunities for speaking, listening and working collaboratively this workshop is a great introduction to looking at real artwork.

    Current choices include:

    • The Enormous Turnip
    • Little Red Riding Hood

    1 hour workshop

    £76.00 per class

  • Hello Hockney

    Keystage: KS1 & KS2

    This workshop will provide an introduction to Bradford artist David Hockney where pupils will investigate the colours and methods used by Hockney to create artwork.

    Pupils will then put together photo joiners and create a collaborative class collage in Hockney's style to take back to school.


    2 hour workshop - £120.00

    1 hour workshop - £76.00  (Adapted KS1 workshop available)

    Curriculum links:  History & Art

  • Hockney Techniques

    Keystage: KS2 & KS3

    An opportunity to explore the new David Hockney gallery and try out some of his techniques including printing & ipad drawing.

    Pupils will explore David Hockney's sketches, printing, paper pulp and ipad artwork creating their own 'techniques' page and then putting what they have seen into action to create their own works of art.


    2 hour workshop - £120.00

    Curriculum links:  History & Art

  • Lowry Landscapes

    Keystage: KS1

    Pupils will use LS Lowry’s original painting ‘An Industrial Landscape’ from 1952 to explore how pictures can tell us about what life was like in the past. Looking at shape and colour and then relating Lowry’s landscape to their own locality, pupils will create their own landscape piece.

    1.5 hour workshop

    £96.00 per class

  • The Art & Science of Noticing

    Keystage: KS1 & KS2

    A workshop which encourages pupils to respond to the museum and gallery objects which inspire them.

    During the workshop pupils will create a sketchbook page of ideas, details and words before writing a guided poem.

    An excellent way to stimulate interest in topics, explore enquiry led learning & give you material to use as starting points back in school.

    We can suggest themes or let us know your topic!

    Recent focuses have included:  Printing, Textiles, Artists & Art Techniques, Bradford Explorer, Shapes, Colours and Maps

     1.5 hour workshop

    £96.00 per class

  • The Art of Early Islamic Civilisation

    Keystage: KS2

    Using artwork and artefacts pupils will explore the historic origins of Early Islamic civilisation, its influences and contribution to world culture.

    Through activities including traditional calligraphy and building Baghdad, pupils will gain insight into this culturally significant civilisation.

    *Self-led Handling Objects at £33.00 per class - Teacher Resource which includes handling objects and an Islamic geometry activity

    2 hour workshop

    £120.00 per class

  • British Values

    Keystage: KS2

    Using the cross cultural art work on display at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery pupils will take part in a hands- on workshop exploring individual liberty, law and different faiths.

    Pupils will view and create their own textile artwork exploring individual liberty, take part in Victorian campaigning to influence law making and work in groups to explore different religions.

    This workshop is an ideal starting point for work back in school as pupils will leave with knowledge of how citizens can influence the decision making their own follow up questions linked to different faiths and an initial consideration of the meaning of liberty.

    2 hour workshop

    £120.00 per class

  • The Vikings and the Muslim World

    Keystage: KS2

    What was happening in the wider world at the time of the Vikings?

    This workshop encourages children to make links between the Vikings and Early Islamic civilisation.



    Using artwork and artefacts children will explore early Islamic and Viking writing, religion and trade together with key achievements of both civilisations.


    2 hour workshop

    £120.00 per class

  • Takeover Day

    Keystage: KS2

    Curriculum links to Art, History, Maths, English & Science

    Following successful 'Takeover Days' as part of the national Kids in Museums initiative, Cartwright Hall Art Gallery now offers a unique takeover day experience for class groups. Pupils go behind the scenes to meet and work with a variety of staff, such as curators and collection officers and participate in monitoring pests, looking after objects, dealing with enquiries, gilding frames with real gold leaf and learning how to give guided tours for family and friends.

    Half Day £350