Learning at Bolling Hall

Welcome to Bolling Hall Museum's Learning & Outreach programme.

We provide a range of educational opportunities and cultural experiences to support your curriculum needs. Our workshops, offered at a range of costs cater for fully supported workshops, introductory sessions or self led visits. See below for details and please note that our prices are valid until the end of August 2017

To make a booking or for further information, please contact:

Email: learning@bradford.gov.uk 

Telephone: 01274 431206 / 435858

Bolling Hall Library is now located in Bolling Hall Museum. Further information on the Bradford Libraries website

  • The Art and Science of Noticing

    Keystage: KS2, 3 & 4

    Curriculum links to Art, History & English

    This workshop encourages pupils to respond to the museum & gallery objects which inspire them. You can identify which areas of the museum building or collection you want to work with so it is a great creative starting point for a topic. During the workshop pupils will practice drawing skills, create a sketchbook page of details and write a poem without even realising!

    1.5 hour workshop

  • Digging the Past: Tudors

    Keystage: KS2

    Curriculum links to History & Science

    Through carrying out an archaeological dig and solving a murder, pupils find out about life at Bolling Hall in Tudor times. 1 hour taught workshop and 1 hour teacher led with instructions.

    2 hour workshop
    £95 per class

  • Great Fire of London : Life at the Time

    Keystage: KS1

    Pupils will use Bolling Hall to explore what houses were like in 1666.

    They will work together to create a Fire of London scene from words and images they have collected from around the hall.


    1.5 hour workshop - £95:00


    **Please Note: This workshop is only available after Easter **

  • A Boar and a Ghost

    Keystage: KS2

    Our new literacy workshop at Bolling Hall Museum is based on two Bradford legends which have links to the hall; the story of the Bradford Boar and the Ghost of Bolling Hall. Pupils will work with a professional story teller and author to explore these tales, re tell them and create their own versions.

    The workshop supports study of local history, myths and legends and the English Curriculum at Key Stage 2

    1.5 hour workshop


  • The Civil War & Ghost Story of Bolling Hall

    Keystage: KS3

    This history and literacy workshop tells the story of the English Civil War in 1643 when the Earl of Newcastle was sent by Charles 1 to Bradford and stayed the night in Bolling Hall.

    This historic story is explored by students and facilitated by a professional storyteller who will assist pupils to use different forms of evidence to build their own tales based on the gripping original.


    Links to curriculum : History & English

    2 hour workshop